Immersion English イマージョン英語

Immersion is a popular word these days, in the English field. Immersion English means being in a natural English environment, with no Japanese. Hearing and communicating only in English. Immersion English can be a little difficult for students with no experience of English. If students are already taking English lessons, Immersion can be a greatContinue reading “Immersion English イマージョン英語”

花見 Looking at the Cherry Blossom

I had a chance to enjoy a picnic under the cherry blossom this year, on the banks of the canal outside Korakuen Gardens. Due to Corona Virus, the food stalls and illuminations did not appear this year (or last year). But it was still a nice atmosphere, sitting under the trees and eating some food.Continue reading “花見 Looking at the Cherry Blossom”


There are various English tests for children in Japan. Eiken is the most well known test. There is also Eiken Junior, JET, TOEFL Junior. I want to recommend Cambridge Young Learners Tests. They have 3 Levels: STARTERS, MOVERS, and FLYERS. It’s difficult to compare, but as a rough guide:STARTERS TEST = Eiken Grade 5MOVERS TESTContinue reading “岡山英語ケインブリッジ英検”


Hello everyone. リトミック is a popular word these days, isn’t it? What does it mean? In English, we say “Eurhythmics”. It was started by Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, a Swiss musician, around 1900. This method has been used in Japan for over 100 years. Eurhythmics teaches students music with games, activities, movement, stories and more. Students useContinue reading “英語リトミックとは?”