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How should we teach children to read and write in English? All Japanese students learn to read and write English in Junior High School. How do they learn? They learn by memorization. フォニックスとは、発音と文字の関係性を学ぶ音声学習法で、もともと英語圏の子どもたちに読み書きを教えるために開発されたものです。アルファベット毎の発音を先に学ぶことで、知らない単語でも、耳で聞いただけでスペリングがわかり、正しく書くことができます。Continue reading “こどもの英語「読む・書く」”


EXTENSIVE READING (多読) is a great way to improve your English ability! It is often recommended by language teachers for students to improve their language ability outside of class. But what is extensiveContinue reading “多読”