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April is a time when a lot of people consider starting something new! This is an interesting part of Japanese culture. In the UK, we often start new things in January. We hope to invite you for a trial lesson in Spring 2021! Please come to our school to try English with songs, activities, andContinue reading “英語教室体験”

Snow Drops

Around this time (the end of winter) in the UK, snow drops start to appear. I have never seen these flowers in Japan, but in the UK they are popular. People love them because they bloom in winter, when there aren’t many flowers around. I think you can understand why they have the name “snowContinue reading “Snow Drops”

Christmas Trees

This year, we put up the tree very early!! I think November is too early to put up a tree!But it’s not a real tree, so it’s OK. When I was a child, we always had a real tree. If you put up a real tree too early, it will die before Christmas. Real treesContinue reading “Christmas Trees”