The UK weather

People often ask me about the weather in the UK. Especially in the summer, when it is SO HOT in Japan.

Well, my hometown is in Aberdeen, in the north east of Scotland. The average summer temperature is 19ºC!!! It rains about 10 days in a month. It is quite different to a Japanese summer. There is no rainy season in the UK.

If you go down south, to the London area, it is a little hotter – about 23ºC in summer. This is about perfect!

Winter is not so cold in the UK. My hometown Aberdeen is further north than Hokkaido, but it is not so cold. It is about 4ºC on average in winter. But it rains a lot, and it’s windy – so it feels cold.

Another interesting thing about my hometown is the daylight hours. In Okayama in summer, the sun rises at about 5am, and goes down at 19.30pm. In Aberdeen in Scotland, the sun rises at 4.30am, and goes down at 22.00pm! Summer evenings are great for enjoying the outdoors.

My favourite thing about Okayama weather is the sunshine! My hometown has a lot of rain, and it is often grey and cloudy. Okayama is usually sunny, even in winter. It always makes me feel optimistic!

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