Immersion English イマージョン英語

Immersion is a popular word these days, in the English field. Immersion English means being in a natural English environment, with no Japanese. Hearing and communicating only in English.

Immersion English can be a little difficult for students with no experience of English. If students are already taking English lessons, Immersion can be a great experience to practise listening and using English.

There is another word that is popular recently, it is “CLIL”, or “Content and Language Integrated Learning”. These means learning a subject and language at the same time. For example, learning Art in English. You read more about CLIL here (British Council homepage).

At Sprouts English, we offer “CLIL” piano lessons! That means you can learn piano and English at the same time! We recommend this class for students who are already studying English. It is a great way to boost your English, and feel comfortable with English – and learn a new skill! We teach students from age 4+.

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